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Summary, which method is best

The three stategic planning approaches The three methods for strategy formulation are complementary:

  • Scenarios to identify demand or for "what ifs"
  • Bottom-up or Entrepreneur to rapidly bring an idea to market
  • Team-Based Forecasting, top down, to align the organization

Occasionally, a firm will be involved in all three methods at the same time.

Which is best

All three take key operators away from their day to day responsibilities. The best is the approach that helps your firm think and adapt the best to the market place at this moment. Over-used, people will lose enthusiasm, disengage.

I recommend you vary the approach based on your firm's product or service life cycle.

  • During development and introduction - scenarios and bottom-up ideas
  • During high grow periods, bottom-up and team-based forecasting
  • During maturity, team-based and scenarios

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