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How to identify patterns of change to require you to think strategically

Usually, an outside event is first noticed by the younger members of your organization and they see a need to re-think the strategy. The work bottom-up to get the firm to adapt while the firm concentrates on its best customers, its high margin customers. This can create tension. How do you give the bottom-up idea a chance to gain support. The executives I worked with suggested:

Most frequent best practice Bring in outsiders
Most frequent best practice Track trends being discussed at trade shows and industry meetings
Second most frequent best practice Network in trade associations for similar industries or in trade associations from other world regions
Usually works Write stories about the likely scenarios
Usually works Listen to what your competitors are telling customers
Usually works Study what the press and professors are discussing through an abstract service like ABI/INFORM
Works sometimes Network with suppliers who serve you and your competitors
The bar length indicates the most likely method for success.


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