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A person with a telescope looking into the futureWe can project some trends well into the future: demographics, technologies, government changes, cultural behavior, and production growth rates. The precision is difficult, and it is human nature is to expect that a trend will continue forever allowing your strategy to advantage it.

Precision comes with experience and careful research, which is getting easier with the resources now available on the Internet. Spotting changes in a trend or a new opportunity is more challenging. You do that by making many comparisons over time. A trend has a direction, magnitude and history.

For the Supply Side - Your Processes

On the supply-process side, you make comparisons of how your peers, your competitors, your complementors, and analogous industries are doing. This is getting easier after installing Activity Based Management software (ABM), like SAP, and Customer Relations Management (CRM) software.

For the Demand Side - Your Market

On the demand side, you examine customer demographics, technology and cultural life styles from multiple perspectives.


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