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Relative comparisons

If you don't have sufficient quantitative data, the next option is to ask experts who estimate the direction and magnitude of change. Since the quantitative data is thin, you should not try to drill down too deep. You have to rely on folks with lots of experience.

I recommend you work on a five-point scale appropriate to the situation. 1 is very low, 2 is low, 3 is neutral, 4 is high and 5 is very high.

Pick your focus: strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, etc. Have several experts make comparisons like you versus your competitors or your core customers versus another segment.

For example, what are likely changes in government subsidies for Boeing and Airbus — a political issue and an opportunity or a threat. Ask at least ten experts where we are today and are we likely to be in five years. Then average their responses. Present a simple graphic and a summary of the interviews.


Comparing relative data


Notice how I used the arrows to indicate the direction and magnitude of change over time.





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