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The Value Proposition

The Product-Customer Match

We all want to be customer driven.  Ask your customers what outcomes they expect! Does your promise for what you will deliver (the value proposition) match what your customers want in the future?

Start with the your core customers and look at different value chain players in your firm. Are there still growth opportunties in your core market. Consider:

  • Strategist staring into a mirrorWhat criteria do your customers use when they decide to buy your product. Identify those most important in their buying decision
  • How your customers rate your products today? Your reputation, how well do you keep your promise, your performance?
  • How and how well do you make your promise to your customers, your branding?
  • Where in your business's value chain do you really generate your profits?
  • When and why do consumers find your products less desirable? What is their feedback when they stop buying?
  • Your competitors’ cost of goods and profit margin -- how well are they doing?

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